URL Schemes

These are the URLS that are used to pull data

Any sort option can be asc or desc

List Players

https://footballapi.pulselive.com/football/players?pageSize=30&compSeasons={Season ID}&altIds=true&page=0&type=player&id=-1&compSeasonId={Season ID}

Returns a JSON list for players in the given season.

Player stats

https://footballapi.pulselive.com/football/stats/player/{player ID}?comps={competition ID}&compSeasons={Season ID}

If compSeasons is omitted then all seasons will be returned. Can also just do competition ID.



Currently, at 77 competitions. If more are added then an increase in the pageSize will be needed

Competition Seasons

https://footballapi.pulselive.com/football/competitions/{competition ID}/compseasons?page=0&pageSize=100

Returns a JSON array of the seasons for a given competition.

            "label": "2020/21",
            "id": 363
        }, ...


https://footballapi.pulselive.com/football/teams?page=0&pageSize=100&altIds=true&compSeasons={Season ID}

Returns a JSON array of team objects for a specific season

Fixture Information


Returns the fixture information for a game. When changing the language it seems to omit the fixture events


https://footballapi.pulselive.com/football/fixtures?comps={competition ID}&compSeasons={Season ID}&teams={team IDs. Comma seperated}&page=1&pageSize=10&sort=asc&statuses=C

There is no way to specifically get a game week. The best way I found was to set the pageSize to half the amount of teams in the league then set the page to the week you want.


https://footballapi.pulselive.com/football/compseasons/{Season ID}/gameweeks

Gets a list of all the gameweeks for a season